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Accelerated Reader = Powerful Practice

Reading is a skill and, as with every skill, it requires not just instruction but practice. Reading practice serves a number of purposes. It enables students to apply the skills and strategies that are taught in class. It gives teachers opportunities to check student learning and identify weaknesses. And it draws students into the world of “real” reading—a world in which people learn from and enjoy books.


Practice does not automatically lead to growth, however. To be effective, practice must have certain attributes: It must be

at the right level of difficulty,

...........this is recorded as your child's G.E. (Grade Equivalent). This is the level at which your child is reading.

cover a sufficient amount of time,

..........research shows that for optimal growth to occur, students should read a minimum of 20-30 minutes per day. Your child's AR goal is based upon reading 20 minutes a day. Some students have a challenge goal, based upon 30 minutes of reading per day.

be guided by the instructor,

..........through AR, students are able to independently practice skills taught in the classroom. Our goal is for every child to have an 85% or higher average percent correct on their tests.

and be enjoyable enough to sustain.

..........at Sunflower Elementary, we host an AR Store each quarter. All students who meet their goal are awarded 12 Panther Points to spend at the AR Store. Students may purchase items ranging in value from pencil cap erasers to saving their points to purchase a field trip ticket.


The purpose of Accelerated Reader is to enable powerful practice. It does this by:

• Providing data that helps you monitor and personalize reading practice.

• Encouraging substantial amounts of practice, according to guidelines based on research findings.

• Making practice fun for students by facilitating successful encounters with text.

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