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Paola USD 368



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ALLISON  SARA       sara_allison@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
ALPHIN JACE       jace_alphin@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
AMREN CARMEN       carmen_amren@usdd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
ANDERSON DAVID       david_anderson@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
ANDERSON JACKSON       jackson_anderson@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
ARGEROPOULOS MARY       mary_argeropoulos@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
ARMBRUSTER CASSANDRA       cassandra_armbruster@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
ARMBRUSTER DALLAS       dallas_armbruster@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
ARMSTRONG PAMELA       pamela_armstrong@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
BUTLER JAMIE       jamie_butler@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
BALL SHERRY       sherry_ball@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
BARKER KENNETH       kenneth_barker@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
BART MICHELLE       shelly_bart@usd368.org       PARENTS AS TEACHERS  
BATES GARRETT       garrett_ bates@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
BEERY TARA       tara_beery@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
BEHRENDT JAMIE       jamie_behrendt@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
BLACK WHITNEY       whitney_black@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
BLACKMAN ASHLEY       ashley_blackman@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD/SUNFLOWER  
BLOUSTINE  MARK        mark_bloustine@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
BONHAM BRITTNEY       brittney_bonham@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
BOWMAN  RENEE       renee_bowman@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
BRANDT TRESA       tresa_brandt@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
BROADRICK  DEL JO       deljo_broadrick@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
BRONSON DENA       dena_bronson@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
BROWN NATALIIA       nataliia_brown@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
BRUCE KAYCE       kayce_bruce@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
BRUMMER TONY       tony_brummer@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
BRYANT TRACY       tracy_bryant@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
BURCHETT JUSTIN       justin_burchett@usd368.org       CENTRAL OFFICE  
BURKE  BLAIRE        blaire_burke@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
CAMPA-FERRIO SARA       sara_campaferrio@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
CAMPBELL KIERSTEN       kiersten_campbell@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
CARPENTER ELAINE       elaine_carpenter@usd368.org       COOP  
CASH DAVID       david_cash@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
CASIMIRO RILEY       riley_casimiro@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
CERROS  LISA        lisa_cerros@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
CHAPPELL MALINDA       malinda_chappell@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
CHAYER  BRIANNE        brianne_chayer@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
CLARK  DANIEL       dan_clark@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
CLEARWATER  DIANA        diana_clearwater@usd368.org       CENTRAL OFFICE  
CLOUGHLEY TRISHA       trisha_cloughley@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
COATS  LESLIE       leslie_coats@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
COLBERT JAMIE       jamie_colbert@usd368.org       COOP  
COLLIER  LISA        lisa_collier@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
 CONNER STEPHANIE        stephanie_conner@usd368.org        SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY   
CRAWFORD CHARISSE       charisse_crawford@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
CRIDDLE DESTINEY       destiney_criddle@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
CRIDDLE  SONDRA       sondra_criddle@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
CROSS KIM       kim_cross@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
CRUM LORALEI       loralei_crum@usd368.org       CENTRAL OFFICE  
CURTIS MARIAN       marian_curtis@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
DAVIDSON KEN       ken_davidson@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
DAVIS ASHLEY       ashley_davis@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
DAVIS RAMSEY       ramsey_davis@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
DEATSCH CHRISTIANE       christiane_deatsch@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
DEREMUS MISTY       misty_deremus@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
DICKEY AMBER       amber_dickey@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
DICKINSON THERESA       theresa_dickinson@usd368.org       ADULT ED/ALTERNATIVE ED  
DODGE JUDY       judy_dodge@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
DOLISI DYLAN       dylan_dolisi@usd368.org       PACP  
DOOLITTLE DAN       dan_doolittle@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
DOUGHERTY  RACHEL       rachel_dougherty@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
DYKES MANDY       mandy_dykes@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
EGGLESTON REMINGTON       remington_eggleston@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
ERIVES JOSETTE       josie_erives@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
FERGUSON KATHY       kathy_ferguson@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
FINKE AMANDA       amanda_finke@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
FISHER JACLYN       jaclyn_fisher@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
 FLYNN CORRINNE        cori_flynn@usd368.org         SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
FORREST MEGAN       megan_forrest@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
FRASER TIFFANY       tiffany_fraser@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
FUCHS MATTHEW       matt_fuchs@usd368.org       CENTRAL OFFICE  
FURNISH JOSHUA       joshua_furnish@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
GAGE PAULA       paula_gage@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
GAGNEBIN DARIN       darin_gagnebin@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
GARRETT TRANISHA       nisha_garrett@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
GASPER JOLYNN       jolynn_gasper@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
GAUS MICHAEL       michael_gaus@usd368.org       CENTRAL OFFICE  
GLAUSER CODY       cody_glauser@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
GLENN JAMIE       jamie_glenn@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
GOLDMAN SYDNEY       sydney_goldman@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
GREEN MALLORY       mallory_green@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
GREGG REBECCA       rebecca_gregg@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
GRIFFIN KYLE       kyle_griffin@usd368.org       CENTRAL OFFICE  
GRIFFITH-HIZEY SUSAN       susie_griffith@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
GRIMES DANNIELLE       dannielle_grimes@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
GRUVER AUDREY       audrey_gruver@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
GULL ANNETTE       annette_gull@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
HADDOCK KARLA       karla_haddock@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
HAEFELE HALEY       haley_haefele@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
HALEY  MICHELLE       michelle_haley@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
HALPIN DANIELLE       danielle_halpin@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
HANF DEBRA       debi_hanf@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
HARP JENNIFER       jennifer_harp@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
HARVEY MADELAINE       maddie_harvey@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
HASTERT AMY       amy_hastert@usd368.org       TEAMMATES COORDINATOR  
HASZ JENNIFER       jennifer_hasz@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
HAY  JIMMY       jimmy_hay@usd368.org       CENTRAL OFFICE  
HAYES  DEBBIE       debbie_hayes@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
HEATH ALICE       alice_heath@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
HEGER KRISTIE       kristie_heger@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
HENDRICKSON MICHELLE       michelle_hendrickson@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
HERNANDEZ LIZ       liz_hernandez@usd368.org       PMS/PHS  
HINES  BETH        beth_hines@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
HINES  JEFF        jeff_hines@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
HOFFMAN CALLIE       callie_hoffman@usd368.org       PARENTS AS TEACHERS  
HOLLINGER REGINA       regina_hollinger@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
HOLY KYLEE       kylee_holy@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
HOSKINS COURTNEY       courtney_hoskins@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
HUBER RONDA       ronda_huber@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
HUGGINS ROGER       roger_huggins@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
HULL  JOHNNY        johnny_hull@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
HUSTED  ANNETTE        annette_husted@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
INGLE  TARA        tara_ingle@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
JACKOWSKI CHRISTINA       christina_jackowski@usd368.org       CENTRAL OFFICE  
JACKOWSKI CORA       cora_jackowski@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
JAMES KELSEY       kelsey_james@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
JAMISON AMY JO       amyjo_jamison@usd368.org       PARENTS AS TEACHERS  
JOHNSON KATHY       kathy_johnson@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
JOHNSON KELLEY       kelley_johnson@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
JOHNSON LINDSAY       lindsay_johnson@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
 JOHNSON REBECCA        rebecca_johnson@usd368.org        PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL   
JOHNSTON APRIL       april_johnston@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
JOINER LORI       lori_joiner@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
JONES MOLLY       molly_jones@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
 JONES SUSAN        susan_jones@usd368.org        FOOD SERVICE   
KANE  DAVID        david_kane@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
KARR SCOTT       scott_karr@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
KAUK HEATHER       heather_kauk@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
KELLER DEBRA       debra_keller@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
KENDRICK ANGELA       angela_kendrick@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
 KINAMAN GLENDA        glenda_kinaman@usd368.org        NURSE  
KLINE PAM       pam_kline@usd368.org       CENTRAL OFFICE  
KOECHNER MARGARET       maggie_koechner@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
KUHARICH ALEXIS       alexis_kuharich@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
LAMP JAMES       james_lamp@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
LOHAUS-FAST  KARLA       karla_lohaus-fast@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
LOVESEE SARAH       sarah_lovesee@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
LUDWICK PATRICIA       patt_ludwick@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
MABRY JUDY       judy_mabry@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
MCCRACKIN JAMIE       jamie_mccrackin@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
MCCULLOUGH ALI       ali_mccullough@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
MCDANIEL JAMIE       jamie_mcdaniel@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
MCQUINN LAURA       laura_mcquinn@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
MCKINNEY STACY       stacy_mckinney@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
MCLEAN LEIGHANN       leighann_mclean@usd368.org       PARENTS AS TEACHERS  
MCNEILL DWIGHT       dwight_mcneill@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
MCWILLIAMS JANICE       janice_mcwilliams@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
MEADE JESSICA       jessica_meade@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
MEEK  MATT        matt_meek@usd368.org       CENTRAL OFFICE  
MEEKS  ROBIN        robin_meeks@usd368.org       NURSE  
MELTON MEGHAN       meghan_melton@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
 MENEFEE JOHN        john_menefee@usd368.org        PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL   
MERIDITH LACY       lacy_meridith@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
MILLER JENI       jeni_miller@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
MINDEN MICHELE       michele_minden@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
MINDEN  TERESA        teresa_minden@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
MORGAN DEANNA       deanna_morgan@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
MORGAN SHANNON       shannon_morgan@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
MORRIS KAYLA       kayla_morris@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
MUCKELBAUER KIMBERLY       kim_muckelbauer@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
NAGEL CHERYL       cheryl_nagel@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
NELSON KAREN       karen_nelson@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
NEWPORT ERIN       erin_newport@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
NEWTON KRISTEN       kristen_newton@usd368.org       PARENTS AS TEACHERS  
NOEL PATRICIA       patricia_noel@usd368.org       ADULT ED  
NORMAN MICHELE       michele_norman@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER/COTTONWOOD  
OAKLEY JULIE       julie_oakley@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
OGDEN  GARY        gary_ogden@usd368.org        FOOD SERVICE  
OHLMEIER BLAIN       blain_ohlmeier@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
OLSON  MEGAN       megan_olson@usd368.org         COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
OSHEL  RYAN       ryan_oshel@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
PALKOWITSH AMANDA       amanda_palkowitsh@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
PALMER MARIE       marie_palmer@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
PATTERSON JAMIE       jamie_patterson@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
PATTERSON PEGGY       peggy_patterson@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
PATRICK KYLE       kyle_patrick@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
PEARCE STEPHANIE       stephanie_pearce@usd68.org       FOOD SERVICE  
PFALTZGRAFF  TOM       tom_pfaltzgraff@usd368.org       CENTRAL OFFICE  
PITZER MELINDA       melinda_pitzer@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
PLANK LINDSEY       lindsey_plank@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
POETTER IVY       ivy_poetter@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
POST  KRISTOPHER        kris_post@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
PRATT MISTY       misty_pratt@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
PROTHE  JAMES        jim_prothe@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
RAMSEY KATHLEEN       katie_ramsey@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
RAYNE  MARY BETH       marybeth_rayne@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
RAZO TEDDYJO       teddyjo_razo@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
RIEDEL TYLER       tyler_riedel@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
 RICE LINDA        linda_rice@usd368.org        PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL   
RICHEY CHLOE       chloe_richey@usd368.org       ADULT EDUCATION  
ROCKERS TARA       tara_rockers@usd368.org       COOP  
RONE MARGARET       margaret_rone@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
ROSICH WILLIAM       bill_rosich@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
ROSS  STUART       stuart_ross@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
ROTH MEAGAN       meagan_roth@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
ROTH MORGAN       morgan_roth@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
SANGALS SIERRA       sierra_sangals@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
SARVER  KIFF       kiff_sarver@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
SCHMIDT  KARL       karl_schmidt@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
SCHNEIDER  ROBIN        robin_schneider@usd368.org       CENTRAL OFFICE  
SCHROEDER CHRIS       chris_schroeder@usd368.org       FACILITIES  
SCHROTBERGER SARAH       sarah_schrotberger@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
SCHULL TOM       tom_schull@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
SCHULTZ MARSHA       marsha_schultz@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
SCHWERMER  WILMA        wilma_schwermer@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
SCOTT   BLAKE       blakec_scott@usd368.org        PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL   
SEAMAN MARCY       marcy_seaman@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
SECK AMBER       amber_seck@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
SELIG SHERI       sheri_selig@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
 SHARP KATRINE        katrine_sharp@usd368.org        PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL   
SHINKLE WILLIAM       william_shinkle@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
SHUMARD AARON TATE       tate_shumard@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
SIMONS HEATHER       heather_simons@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
SKINNER DEBBIE       debbie_skinner@usd368.org       FOOD SERVICE  
SMITH JAMIE       jamie_smith@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
SMITH MIKE       mike_smith@usd368.org       PAOLA HIGH SCHOOL  
SNYDER LAUREN       lauren_snyder@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
SNOUFFER STEPHANIE       stephanie_snouffer@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
STALLBAUMER DEVAN       devan_stallbaumer@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
STARKS TIM       tim_starks@usd368.org       PHS/PMS  
SULLARD MCDOW GAYLE       gayle_mcdow@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
SULLIVAN ASHLEY       ashley_sullivan@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
TAYLOR BECKY       becky_taylor@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
TAYLOR DIAHN       diahn_taylor@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
TEAGARDEN SCOTT       scott_teagarden@usd368.org       MAINTENANCE  
THIMESCH NICHOLAS       nick_thimesch@usd368.org       PAOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL  
THOMAS JILL       jill_thomas@usd368.org       SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY  
THOMAS VICTORIA       victoria_thomas@usd368.org       COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY  
THOMASSON TAMMY       tammy_thomasson@usd368.org       CENTRAL OFFICE